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"Vickie has the best techniques and knowledge about anatomy and skeletal structure and joint function of any massage therapist I have ever seen.  She is able to tailor the massage to provide physical therapy for specific injuries or rehabilitation as well as overall relaxation and soreness relief.  Vickie has numerous tools to use to provide whatever you need to heal or release areas or just relax and enjoy.  I had bilateral hip replacement surgery and specific injuries that Vickie has been able to provide healing and elimination of pain.  She is working on reducing scar tissue and fascia binding and I am able to hike, do yoga and pilates just a few months after surgery.   She is extremely personable and caring and has become a dear friend --- she really cares about you and your health. 

Vickie also has an excellent business and professional set up from email notices, website, newsletters, follow up surveys, on-line scheduling, package discounts and birthday specials.    I have a standing weekly massage with Vickie and am contemplating even more." ~Dana N. 


"My husband and I both see Vickie on a regular basis. We have been exceedingly happy with the massages we have received. Vickie is highly competent and routinely delivers a massage that addresses our specific issues. She is very responsive to our needs and is happy to adjust her pressure as she moves through the session. We intend to keep Vickie as our massage therapist for as long as she will have us!" ~Judy Z.


"One of the great things about Vickie’s service is that she asks you about your body before each session and tailors your massage to fit your body on that day.  When I injured a knee she asked me to discuss what she should be doing with my doctor and actually did research on her own.  She always asks for feedback." ~ Paul R.

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